Moments are precious so we use our time with kids wisely!
Our kids are growing up in a place filled with God’s grace and that kind of love changes people, including kids! 

We teach them what we are learning-God loves us! 

At Community, the volunteers and staff love the kids and together we learn about the love of God and what the Bible teaches us. Children are invited to learn in developmentally appropriate, engaging and fun ways. Whether it is prayers, high fives, Bible lessons, fun activities, or a quick hello, kids see friendly faces everywhere they turn.

Do you have questions related to Children's Ministry at Community?
Call the church office at 605-336-1475 or use the form below.

Contact Heather (our Children's Ministry Director):

(We know that there are a few churches that use lessons and videos that we post in their Children's Ministry programs. If you are from another church and looking for a resource, please feel free to contact us below so we can send you what you need. We are happy to share anything we've created!)