• Our church has a special partnership with the Frederique School in Haiti. Teams from Community get to meet the kids on Mission trips!
  • Our goal is to ensure each child at the school has a loving sponsor, which provides education, supplies, basic medical care and a meal each day.
  • Sponsoring a child is only $125 per year until the child reaches Grade 7 (then it is $250.)
  • There are also opportunities for sponsors to purchase additional gifts. In the past some sponsors have chosen to buy Bibles or solar lanterns.
  • Someone from Community could meet your sponsored child on our next trip!
You can also sponsor a senior in the Advocates for Elders program. When you commit to becoming an Advocate you are helping provide:
A safe, loved filled home. 
 The opportunity for our caregivers to give top notch care. 
 3 meals a day 
All needed health care. 
Activities to continue growing as an individual and child of God. 
A dignified funeral and proper burial when the time comes.

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