Community's Missions Action Team is a gathering of people who want to support and serve local and international missions through Community Church.

Community, if you feel called to join this fun team, please sign up below or read on to learn more.

Ways to Help:

Team Information
This is a new gathering and therefore the goals, plans and format may change over time. This is merely a starting document to provide some initial framework for the group. It may be helpful eventually to choose a leader and/or a team member to take notes and report to consistory and church staff on anything that happens in the meetings.
  • Seek to understand and follow God’s will for Community regarding missions.
  • Listen carefully to the needs expressed by the staff at partner ministries.
  • Take action. Make a practical and sustainable plan and welcome volunteers who feel called by God to make the ideas happen. Communicate with the people and organizations involved. Do the work to make it happen.
  • See the idea through to completion. Follow through on all items to ensure things are wrapped up well.
  • Gather to update one another on what is happening in and through the various missions with connections to Community.
  • Provide a connecting point for people at Community who are interested in local and long-distance missions.
  • Empower the people in Community who feel led to volunteer and financially support of a variety of missions.
  • Share opportunities for ministry with the congregation in cooperation with church staff. This might also include information on the Mission of the Month.
  • Ensure a balance between the many ministries supported by Community.
  • Learn about new ministries that are introduced to Community and explore if and/or how Community might get involved.
  • Provide information and logistical support to short term mission teams from Community.
  • Receive and provide information and input to the church board and staff as appropriate.
  • Implement ideas as a working team.
  • Provide input on which ministries may benefit from having a donation area at “The Give” and which month(s) would be best for each group. Create a plan to bring all items from “The Give” to the respective ministry locations in a timely manner.
  • Provide support to the “Missions Morning” event planned by church staff.
  • Quarterly meetings (additional break-out or special interest meetings an option as needed.)
  • Open to any interested people.
  • Any funds for projects and ideas would be at the discretion of the church board.
Meeting format/ guidelines:
  • Open and close in a brief prayer
  • Go around the table for each person to introduce themselves by name.
  • Near the beginning of each meeting, offer an opportunity for all present to share what is happening in the missions that they have a connection to. This might mean sharing upcoming events, opportunities to serve, exciting news, prayer requests, updates or just sharing that the good work continues with little change. If no one is at the meeting with a connection to a certain ministry, that is ok too. The ministry still matters.
  • Following prayer, introductions, and updates, follow up on any “old business” then begin new business. No formal voting or “motions” are required as this is not necessarily a decision-making team though votes may be a useful tool in moving forward on ideas and/or bringing information to the board.
  • Celebrate what is happening in the ministries (rather than implying others “should” do more or be more involved.) This is not a recruiting team but rather an empowering and supporting team.
  • Provide communication and opportunities to serve without pressuring others. Invite others and provide good communication but avoid stretching or straining the volunteer resources readily available as this can add stress and remove the joy that sometimes comes with serving. Let God do the nudging.
  • Rather than creating a “to do” list or work for others including the board, other volunteers, church staff or the staff of specific mission groups, this team can provide support and each member can take action on ideas that they feel led to.